Short History of Our Long Journey

IDR or Industrial Distillers & Refiners was originally established in 1956 as a soap factory operating in Denver, Johannesburg.

In 1973, it started on the path of chemical manufacturing.
The primary objective was to take coal tar chemicals and upgrade them into higher-value products, leading to the manufacture of, amongst others, Phenol, Cresylic Acid, Creosote and High Boiling Tar Acids.
Additional raw material saw the production of Industrial Solvents, Coumarone Indene Resins and Superplasticisers.

Industrial Distillers & Refiners (IDR) in Alrode has a plant, workshop, offices and liquid bulk storage on the premises.
The plant includes high-pressure boilers, chemical reactors, filters, distillation columns and other process equipment.
Industrial Distillers & Refiners is currently a manufacturer and supplier of chemical products such as creosote oils, tar acids, solvents and resins.

The plant also does toll manufacturing, including distillation, reaction, filtration, mixing and blending as well as various other unit operations.
IDR is experienced in the recovery of solvents and other chemicals from contaminated products and is also a registered waste management facility with a license to store and recover hazardous waste. Amongst other things, IDR can recover solvents from contaminated sludge from the paint industry.

At Industrial Distillers & Refiners, the plant is small enough to meet customers' individual needs, while also big enough to deliver large orders timeously.
Working under the guidance of three chemical engineers, their experienced R&D department finds a solution to most problems that are chemical, distillation or manufacturing related.
IDR obtained Environmental Authorisation from several local, provincial and National Authorities for all activities and is in possession of an Atmospheric Emission License.

IDR is a member of SAUPA (South African Utility Pole Association) and SAWPA (South African Wood Preservation Association) as well as being accredited by SATAS (South African Technical Auditing Services) for the manufacturing of creosote according to the specification of SANS 616.
SATAS offers Product Certification and conducts inspections to the requirements of National, International and private standards.
Its mission is to provide an internationally acceptable South African Certification Scheme which will enable clients to compete in international markets.

IDR is also a proud member of Chemical & Allied Industries' Association (CAIA) and a signatory to Responsible Care, the chemical industry's own, unique, global initiative – a voluntary programme that helps raise standards and earn greater trust from the public.